NSW Reining Horse State Championships

NSW Reining Horse State Championships

K Ranch was lucky to host the recent NSW Reining Horse State Championships and it was an amazing event.

120 horse and rider combinations and over 400 runs made their way into the pen, competitors came from all parts of the east coast with a huge contingent of Victorians making the trek.

All classes were extremely competitive with plenty of scores in the high 60's and early 70's. Dunrufnit won 2017 NSW State Reining Championship Highpoint Mare of Show. Thank you to the sponsor Big River Ranch, Lorraine and John Wylie, nothing like a bit of mare power!

Congratulations to all the champions and place getters!

On Wednesday night an auction was held to benefit  Rick Merideth who had a run of bad health at the start of the year, the auction was organised by Bec and Lorraine and raised a generous $10k which was presented to a very humbled Rick on the Saturday night. 

The events on Friday and Saturday night saw K Ranch packed to the rafters in both the bar and grandstand, a really good turn out that we could have only hoped to achieve. We had Equine lovers from many disciplines come and enjoy the night and the sounds provided to us by DJ Conner. 

Thank you to the wonderful committee and competitors for a wonderful event!

Photo: Rodney Peachy on 'Gunner Reload' photographer: Hickorwee Equine Photography